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The Undocumented President

Obvious, but needs to be said:

1. This issue has traction. It would have a lot more traction were it fairly reported.

2. It is Obama’s duty to show his birth certificate. Only 38% of the people are sure that he is “a natural born citizen” according to a poll from left-leaning USA Today/Gallup. The objection that nothing will satisfy the birthers is a crock; a President can’t gain democratic consent when only 38% of “we, the people” are sure that he’s eligible for office. Obama should produce his birth certificate as did McCain. That would satisfy Trump and me as to his place of birth.

3. The other villains in this piece are the conservative politicians and pundits who failed to tackle this issue or look at the evidence objectively – Coulter, Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Allahpundit, Rove and many others. Contrast Andrew McCarthy and Sean Hannity. Trump, for all his faults, has come at this like a bat out of hell and done a great service to America.

4. Mainstream conservatives should now make an issue of Obama’s almost total lack of documentation including his weird possession of a social security number of a dead man, whether his studies were funded on the basis that he was still an Indonesian, whether he travelled to Pakistan as an Indonesian.

Like Trump, I’m fully aware that leaving open the plotline that Obama is an unqualified fake sounds like crazy talk, but it’s Obama who’s hiding the evidence, not those who ask to see it. This issue isn’t going to go away. The guy is a documented promiscuous liar, so ‘trust, but verify’ is pretty generous in the circumstances.

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