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24 Jan 2011

Towards a Contented Management System

  • Previous ingredients:
  • Blogger site

    Galerie albums

  • Work in progress ingredients:
  • WordPress site

    SlideShowPro Director gallery

    veryplaintxt theme

    I installed WordPress in my root directory at my long-time host (123connect, owner = accessible Geoff). Then I set up some more WordPress sites in a sub-directory for various old Blogger blogs which I successfully imported into each WordPress site with the Blogger Importer plug-in. Then I set up a gallery site and linked to the various separate sites from the Home site. Then I came across WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) and installed that instead in the root directory, intending to manage a single site. Then I set up a ‘static’ page for a gallery within the WPMU site, but when I tried to import Blogger posts, WPMU stripped out various images, YouTubes and slideshows. Hence I’m still running separate WP sites for old blogs. I hope that the Blogger Import problem will get fixed as WPMU matures.

    Later….Now I’ve tinkered with the files per the instructions for WordPress multi-site so that everything operates under 1 installation. I find some of this non-intuitive, especially the handling of plug-ins through network and subsite activate/deactivate. The upgrade to WP 3.1 treats plug-ins very mysteriously.

    So The Light Cavalry Gallery is run within my main WordPress site, aka, but the various old blogs are separate sites for now linked to or re-directed to from from the main site. This is an arcane point to the reader, but unsatisfying to this apprentice site network administrator.

    The Gallery itself is simply embedded from my hosting account at SlideShowPro Director. This has certain advantages – unlimited space, video storage, audio, decent WordPress plug-in, very detailed Lightroom plug-in. I’m pretty happy with SlideShow Pro (SSP), but I suspect it’s slowing things down a bit and has a few annoyances. I’ll be reading up on it. My SlideShow Pro images look better than in Phanfare, tho most so far are just downloaded jpgs from Phanfare re-uploaded to SSP Director. The ability to embed a slideshow from SSP is very, very neat. I have many albums to move from Phanfare to SSP which takes more time because I wasn’t careful to relate the filenaming to the order.

    I’ve also had to do some theme editing on veryplaintxt to remove default WordPress clutter. This is a real annoyance as I have to go into the code. It should be a set of Dashboard switches. I want minimalism, dammit!